The Benefits of Choosing a Wooden Gate for Your Home In Cheshire

The choice of gate for your home is a personal decision and if you have worked hard to renovate your home to a high standard, the icing on the cake could be a wooden gate.  Jardines Joinery, Cheshire knows that security, privacy and control are some of the many reasons that customers choose to install a wooden gate on their property.

However, the benefits are a lot more extensive than you may initially think.  Installing a wooden gate on your home will increase your property value and it has the potential to last for years to come.   The gate could protect your property from the elements and if you are elderly, they can be fully automated, so that means no pushing! A wooden gate is an easy way to add class, elegance and privacy to your home and gates can be created to suit any budget or property specifications.

Swing Gates

Swing gates require more room than sliding gates and are often seen as the cheaper option as they have a simpler automation system.  However, they can only work on flat ground and this is definitely something to take into consideration when choosing a gate for your home. Many people like the traditional look of swing gates but no matter how nice they look if they are a hazard to traffic while open they are not a safe option and cannot be erected.  

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are ideal if you have limited space either side of your home as they take up minimal time when opening.  If your house is on a slope sliding gates are the safest option.  Sliding gates are also more secure than swing gates as they provide more resistance to forced entry.  Sliding gates are great for keeping your pets safe, particularly if your house backs onto a main road. There is also a risk that your pet could squeeze underneath swing gates if you choose them for your property however there is no chance of this happening with sliding gates.

How will I know if visitors have arrived?

Unless you have an alternative designated path for visitors, when they arrive you will not know.  Alternatively a voice-activated telecom could be installed on your gate so that you can let your visitors in and they can arrive comfortably and at your discretion. You could be in control of who you let in and out of your property which is a great security feature which gives you piece of mind particularly if you have security concerns.

Planning Permission

If you are replacing an existing gate and you are not increasing the size of the original gate then you do not need to apply for planning permission.  However, the golden rule of thumb is that if you are not sure always check with the local authorities as council rules are constantly changing.  If the proposed gate goes within two metres of a road, general consent or planning permission will have to be given by the relevant council authority.