Concrete or Wooden Staircases

Wood is the choice of material for a diverse range of practical products that are built to serve a long lasting purpose. Not wooden staircases from Jardines Joinery Cheshireonly is wood used due to its easily manipulated shape and joints, its timeless beauty has been a key factor to its use across many centuries, for practical products such as home furnishings, furniture and even staircases!

Staircases can be made out of wood or concrete. There are reasons why each material may be more suited to undertaking the important job of helping people reach a different level of a building. Here we discuss why wood may be the better choice when it comes to designing and fitting stairs.

Wood is safer than concrete. This is a very obvious point that ensures that should anything be dropped on the stairs, they are less likely to break in comparison to concrete, as the surface is softer. This is also better for those who are prone to falling on stairs, which can be painful and very common amongst kids!

From building and visual perspective, wood is easily used for staircase production. Pieces of wood can be cut to whatever length they may be required, joined together and polished in a way that suits the requirements of a customer. Visually, wood is very attractive and gives a ‘homely’ feel to a property, whereas concrete stairs may not do the same. Wooden interior stairs are always a good choice for anyone with other wooden furniture within their property as they often compliment each other. The hard, brutal feel and ambiance of concrete is something that is not generally desired from someone trying to make their home somewhere safe, happy and vibrant.

Wooden staircases are much preferred by most people, especially for the interior of a property. For outdoor staircases, a concrete one may be preferred, due to its durability in all weathers, whereas wood would rot in colder, wetter times of the year.

At the end of the day, it depends on which attributes of wood or concrete are the ones which you prefer. Your staircase is your investment and needs to suit your needs, so choose wisely.

The Benefits of Installing a Wooden Staircase in Your Home

When giving your home a makeover, there are many types of home improvement that aren’t typically considered. wooden staircase by jardines joinery cheshire Sometimes the things you overlook can be essentially important in delivering that finishing touch to your home. Most of the time we concentrate on wallpapering the lounge, re-carpeting or adding a few bits of storage space, but rarely do we ponder about changing the staircase.

With the addition of a natural wood staircase you can instantly reinvigorate your home, giving it a new angle and a fresh, modern feel. If you’re considering adding a bespoke wooden staircase to your home then consider Jardines Joinery, one of the leading providers of joinery Cheshire has to offer.

Adding wood to your home can successfully change the ambience and atmosphere of your living space. By bringing naturally occurring materials into the home it gives it a touch of the outdoors,  offers the illusion of space and will offer you and your guests a more relaxing, natural and organic environment.

In the majority of homes, the stairs is one of the first things that anyone notices when entering the front door. At a minimum, the hall and landing play special roles in being central gathering points for your home. A lot of staircases go unnoticed – they can be carpeted or with the spindles boarded over. But they can be a solid focal point to any house – no matter what the size or shape.

Traditional wooden staircases have become more popular in recent years with individuals trying to source natural materials to decorate and improve their home. These individual handmade staircases are available in a multitude of different shapes, styles, designs and sizes; meaning that there will undoubtedly be a suitable one for your home. Because of the uniqueness of each individual staircase they can easily compliment both old and new properties. Whether it’s a minimal clean look that you desire or a classic, oldy-wordly design – experienced joiners always have a great attention to detail that will provide you with exactly what you want. They really are suitable for all types of houses and they are much more reasonably priced than many people consider.

But aside from the visual magnificence of wooden staircases; there are also other benefits from installing one in your home. To start with; wood lasts. With professional installation and the correct treatment over time, wooden staircases can look great for many, many years – easily outlasting other materials. They are always built to last and can be varnished or coated for added protection. They are also easy to clean. Everyone has hoovered a carpeted staircase before now – and we all know it’s not the greatest of pastimes – with a wooden staircase you can be sure that simple brushing and minimal cleaning will keep it spotless.

One of the bigger factors of installing a wooden staircase is the value that it will add to your home. After the initial outlay of cost, you are sure to recoup that amount if you ever come to selling your house. An inspiring natural staircase can be the much needed catalyst for any potential buyer. Having a wooden staircase will undoubtedly add value to your property and make your property stand out in a saturated market.

There are many experts that have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the design and installation of these staircases. All quality manufacturers and installers are sure to give you the best advice and guidance that is available. If you can picture a wooden staircase in your home then it’s likely that it’s a possibility for you – make a few phone calls and get a few designs and quotes – you’ve got nothing to lose.