Why people still Choose Timber over PVC for Windows & Doors

Timber is one of the most popular materials used in the UK double glazing industry. Timber was once the most popular material before PVC was introduced into the window industry. Although timber is not used as much in the present day, there are still various reasons why timber windows and doors should be considered.

The life expectancy of well-designed timber windows and doors is considered to be around 60 years, whereas the BRE commissioned a study on PVC that made it to last around 35 years in comparison. This goes to show that should you use a reliable professional to complete the job with timber, you are able to get longer lasting windows should you for the timber option over PVC. The use of timber increases sustainability. PEFC/FSC Certification considered timber to be a limitless resource with a fantastic array of different uses.

Timber has a large embodied element and in its rough sawn requires no extra work to be added to the product other than logging before being distributed to a manufacturer. This means dealing with wood and using it to facilitate jobs will have a lower carbon footprint. Timber cam be reused, often as fuel, so after it has finished doing its job for whatever reason, it can be used for fuel. It is also completely biodegradable, making it much friendlier to the environment to use.

The flexibility of the product design with wood is fantastic. You can create specific trim details or re design certain sections for relatively low cost with timber and with great ease. As wood is easily manipulated, you can change the shape, image and style relatively easily. Another benefit of wood is that you can easily change the colour of it. PVC is simply white in almost all cases, whereas wood can be made however you like. This is advantageous to those who have ideas and tastes that they set out to put into action on their property. From a structural view, timber is a fantastic material with natural strength. The strength of timber and the screw retention makes it perfect for use as window frames and other related structures.

Wood gives a natural effect, rather than a ‘plastic’ version you will find with PVC. Being a natural material and very durable with design allows you to colour and varnish it to give it the look exactly how you like it. It is extremely stable and does not rot with the right covering of varnish. Timber is simply in contention with PVC when it comes to door and window frames simply because of the beneficial characteristic is holds.