Jardines Joinery Cheshire – Glossary of Joinery Terms

If you are planning to have any joinery work undertaken on your property, then it is wise to have some knowledge about some of the basic, important terms will help you describe and aid joiners in giving the most accurate representation of the work that you require to be done on your property, or simply getting a quote.

Below are some basic terms that Jardines Joinery Wirral use on a day to day basis:

Awning: this is a type of sash window that is located onto a wall and has a hinge at the top, allowing the bottom half to open out from the building.

Biscuit Joints: these are oval cuts of wood that are inserted into slots to join pieces of wood together.

Corian: this is a compound of natural materials that are combined with acrylic polymer. This is used to help strengthen a range of heard wooden surfaces, making them stronger and more durable.

Dowels: these are wooden pins used for reinforcing wooden joints.

European Hinges: these are hinges that are self closing that can be adjusted to fit a variety of different doors.

Fan Light: this is the name given to a semi circular window placed above a door.

Grain: this refers to the alignment of fibres found on a piece of wood. Different grains have varying levels of roughness.

Head: this is the uppermost part of a door or window frame.

Integrated: units or cabinets perform more than one feature

Jigs:  these are used to hold pieces of wood in place or as a guide whilst constructing the piece.

Knockdown: this furniture is designed to be easily disassembled using special tools.

Laminate: is a thin plastic substance used to cover wooden surfaces such as tables and working tops.

MDF: stands for medium density fibreboard. MDF is used to make cabinets and other units.

Overhang: this term is used to describe a projecting ledge that extends over a frame.

Plumb: this is a term used to describe a fitting or angle that is perfectly perpendicular and structurally sound.

Reveal: is the outer part of a jamb which protrudes from a door or window and is not concealed by the frameWood

Stain: is used to color and protect wooden services. Wood stain can also enhance the appearance of the grain of certain types of wood.

Toe Kicks: these are hollows in the bottom of cabinets that allow people to stand closer to a cabinet.

Veneer: is the name given to a thin layer of a protective cover such as a laminate or stain.

Warped: this is where the grain has a twisted or contorted appearance compared to regular grain.